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Valter Casotto,

born in Padua Italy (1980), Italy.

Valter currently lives and works between London and Padua(Italy). He has worked on numerous TV productions as a camera operator and TV format creator. He has worked as senior prosthetic makeup artist in the film industry, on films such as Harry Potter (D. Yates), X-Men: First Class (M. Vaughn), Prometheus (R. Scott) and The Hobbit (P. Jackson). Running parallel to his work in the film industry, he has contined to work on his own personal projects, including design work, painting, video projects and sculptures. Visually inspired and influenced by a combination of William Turner’s pictorial art, H.R Giger’s visionary surrealist work and Bernini’s Baroque sculptural art.

Among others, his artistic work, has been pictured on ‘The Telegraph’ and on ‘The Guardian’ news papers.

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Rustblade - Valter Adam Casotto Press Photo

Rustblade - Valter Adam Casotto Press Photo