Chemical Playschool 15 – CD

The Legendary Pink Dots


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The Legendary Pink Dots are back with there highly anticipated new album. Chemical Playschool is a concept in which more then ever an indulgence in extended ballads and psychedelic improvisations allows Edward Ka-Spel’s voice to engage us with his unique brand of storytelling, and the use of synthesizers brings to mind vintage space rock adapted for the modern age. The album opens with the beautifully epic “Immaculate Conception” where Ka-Spel transports us into a world of stars and planets surrounded by voices and distant echos. In “The Opium Den Parts 1-3” we find a melancholy piece with classic LPD folk essence, arriving then at the ritual tribal ballad “Ranting and Raving”. Chemical Playschool is able to surpass all of our expectations for a band always able to surprise as they lead us through their peculiar dream world. A truly inspired release representing one of the most beautiful concepts created by this eclectic and mythic band.  

  1. Immaculate Conception
  2. Sparks Fly / Museum
  3. The Opium Den Parts 1-3
  4. Ranting and Raving
  5. Immaculate Conclusion

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