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BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS: A collaboration born of a long separation.

Seven years after the highly acclaimed ARMAGEDDON GIGOLO, Simone Salavatori and Stefano Puri once again find their paths crossing. BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS is the result of three years of work, composed by Stefano Puri specifically for SPIRITUAL FRONT, with Simone Salvatori lending his voice and interpretation (as intense and charismatic as ever) to the composer's music. The poems of Reiner Werner Fassbinder are given new light as they materialize into musical form as Stefano Puri sits at the piano and joins Simone Salvatori on a voyage of no return. The SYMPOSIUM ENSEMBLE and the BLACK HEARTS CHOIR round out the endeavor.


1. Requiem Æternam
2. Life's too long
3. Martha
4. Eternally yours
5. Veronika
6. The only sin
7. Dies Iræ
8. No forgiveness
9. Erwig
10. I just can't have nothing
11. Lacrimosa
12. I believe I was yours
13. Franz
14. Choose death
15. Each man kills the thing he loves