Edward Ka-Spel – Tanith And The Lion Tree – CD


Edward Ka-Spel – Tanith And The Lion Tree – CD

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1 ‘O’ From The Great Sea
2 Tanith And The Lion Tree
3 Interference
4 Four Out Of Ten
5 Loop 1
6 Loop 2
7 The Bakersman
8 Prithee
9 Prisoners Of War
10 Three Times Daily
11 Hotel X
12 Epilogue
13 Phoney War
14 Old Man Trouble
15 Don’t Look ‘Til It’s Gone 2012
16 Prisoners Of War 2012


Comes in a Digipak with bonus tracks (15 - 17).

Thanks to: Father Pastorjus, Lady Loop, The Silver Man

Instruments used: Keyboards, Guitar, Radio, Toy-Guitar, Percussion, Melodica, Voice.

Mastered June 2012, at the Cage Studios, Coventry, England, UK.

This Album is dedicated to the gentle, noble soul

Thanks to Phil, Alena and Justin for making-this release possible.

A big-thank you too for Wolfgang- (Dark Star) with whom the original song- "Don't Look 'Til It's Gone" was written.

© Cold Spring-Records 2012

Originally released 1991 on CD Edward Ka-Spel - Tanith And The Lion Tree.