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Adam is a sonic techno onslaught – crossing the parallels of the many styles of underground Techno, Broken Beat Electro, Industrial & EBM. Adam X penetrates, educates and infuses his audience either through his live performances or dj sets, with a real and vivid thought provoking energy. Adam X brings forth a combination of sound that cannot compare to any other artist around.

Unlike many artists Adam X prefers not to pigeonhole himself to one specific genre of electronic music. Instead he prefers to incorporate many different electronic genres into his music. This creates an original and distinctive sound where influences cannot be traced. Like a chameleon Adam X can adapt to playing an event in many different type of atmospheres. From playing a hard as nails industrialized techno set at a hard techno or Industrial/EBM event to playing the deepest of techno or electro in a chilled out daytime open air environment Adam X will never compromise on playing generic & overplayed electronic music styles.

What you can expect of him to play is the most upfront forward thinking futuristic sounding, rhythmic, electronic dance floor music around Audiophile purveyors can delve deep into the mind of Adam X with recent releases on CD, vinyl and digital format such as the “Fate Unknown” full length on Psycho Dynamics/Alfa Matrix and EPs such as Sensory Deprivation and The Marking of Time.

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State of Limbo - CD