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For years Rustblade has worked to grow and support a family of artists united under a philosophy of free composition and experimentation. The roots of the label were in fact planted firmly in the sounds of the post industrial and noise music genres.

Askew represents the realization of a project that personifies this philosophy by bringing together a unique collective of artists to participate in one-of-a-kind experimental noise recording and arranging sessions. Headed and produced by Justin Bennett and Jeff “Squigg” Smith, Askew‘s sound is a direct reflection of Studio 23 Bologna where artists from both within and outside the label come together to participate in extended improvisations and experiments in sounds creation using rare and unusual noise making instruments, synths, modulars and much more.

Welcome to the sonic world of Askew, a project truly befitting the slogan used by Rustblade at it’s inception, “We Were Born With Noise!”

Artist Press Photos

Rustblade - Askew Press Photo