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FM Einheit and Mona Mur met in Hamburg in late 1980. They recorded their first collaborative 12” EP in 1982 as “Mona Mur & Die Mieter”. Together with two other “Einstürzende Neubauten” musicians, Alexander “von Borsig” Hacke and Mark Chung as well as drummer Gode B. (“Front”), they released the seminal 12” “Jeszcze Polska” which immediately claimed the “Single of the Week” slot of London’s New Musical Express. Another “Mona Mur” band formation in 1984 to 1986 saw FM Einheit playing drums for concerts in morbid slow-beat chic and manic intensity.

The band split up, Mur and Einheit parted ways – for 25 years.En Esch met up with FM Einheit in the late 80s when Einheit contributed to the KMFDM single “More and Faster” and later on “XTORT”. Both participated in the Industrial All Star Formation PIGFACE. Mona Mur and En Esch met in 1985 for the first time, when Esch’s freshly founded band KMFDM was opening for a “Mona Mur” concert in Hamburg – on drums: FM Einheit. Esch then left Germany for the US pursuing his KMFDM carreer. Mur & Esch met again in 2007 and collaborated ever since, touring the world and releasing two albums as MONA MUR & EN ESCH. 2011, the time was right for EINHEIT, ESCH & MUR. After a meeting in Berlin, EEM decided to work together. Production Process Over 3 years, the artists gathered in Einheit’s Studio in Bavaria twice a year – in spring and in winter – to compile, create, forge and record. The three of them being renowned music producers each on their own, the production process started as a collection: Everybody introduced ideas, fragments, artefacts, musical material in multitrack sessions, pre-produced in Canada, Berlin, Bavaria and the US. Choices were made smoothly and lightly, based on “natural agreement”. Everything fell into place. Chosen tracks would then get into production: Vocals, analogue synths, guitars, glockenspiel, strings and and FM’s unique steel percussion he designs himself – “Steel Spiral” played with a rubber hammer. The wonderful Bavarian environment – a medieval castle, a forest and three mineral springs right outside of the house – as well as FM’s mastery in vegetarian cooking added to the inspiration.


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