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Eric Van Wonterghem is one of the most prolific and influential artists in Europe’s noise and EBM scene. Started in 1979 as keyboardplayer in a rockband, Eric switched to total electronic music composing putting his mark in Absolute Body Control since 1981 and from 1984 in The Klinik, Van Wonterghem has gone on to do a number of high-profile collaborations, including Sonar and ABC with Dive’s Dirk Ivens,Insekt together with Mario Vaerewijck and now Detune-x with Stefano Rossello (Bahntier). Monolith, though, is perhaps Van Wonterghem’s most personal project, an outlet for the artist to indulge all of his musical passions, from Arabic chant to distorted electro. Club hit ‘Disco Buddha’ perhaps best reflects his sonic eclecticism, incorporating enough ethnic exoticism for world music fans with thick, distorted beats aimed squarely at the dance floor. He is also working as a mastering Engineer (Prodam) , FOH soundengineer and producer.

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