Black Sun Productions

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Black sun productions is the project of Massimo & Pierce, a duo of producers and performers based in zurich, switzerland.

Former members of “coil live” and creators of “plastic spider thing”, in 2005 they released their seminal work “operettAmorale”, the first in a series of albums acclaimed by critics internationally.

beside coil, black sun productions discography features an array of guest artists such as lydia lunch, hr giger, val denham, sudden infant, niko skorpio, sonne hagal, andrew zealley and many others. massimo & pierce’s performances span over a variety of genres, from the pornographic surrealism of “plastic spider thing” (2002) through the militancy and decadence of “post-industrial cabaret” (2005) and to the poetic modernism of their latest piece, “porno teo kolossal” (2008).