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Massimo & Pierce are a duo of producers and performers based in Zurich ( Switzerland ) member formers of Black Sun Productions, Anarcocks, Queen Lear, "COIL live" and creators of "Plastic Spider Thing Show".

Beside Black Sun Productions discography features an array of guest artists such as COIL, LYDIA LUNCH, H.R. GIGER, Val Denham, Sudden Infant, Niko Skorpio, Sonne Hagal, Andrew Zealley and many others. Since from 2006 they have collaborated on differet projects with Stefano Rossello ( Bahntier, Detune-X, kETvECTOR ) and " ENOERAEW " is the first full length album as a trio. Tracks produced over the years have been reworked and brand new pieces have been recorded in Spring 2009 at the Anarcocks Home Studio in Zurich. The album has been then mixed and produced by Stefano in Italy. In " ENOERAEW " Massimo & Pierce's experimentalism meets Bahntier's Elctro-Industrial-dance: hypnotic arrangements for an oneiric and poetic journey into the realms of Ritual Music. The themes of Love and Desire, Magic and Death are here insightfully investigated and the result is an aural experience of Electronica, Melodies and Acoustic instruments melting into a tantalizing new genre. The Album contain the cover song of " Sweethome Under White Clouds " by VIRGIN PRUNES. Here one must leave all hesitation, all hope abandon and enter in.

Artwork Patings Box Sculpture by Matilde Giudicelli

Veneration X 2009
We Are Here
Chemism (Dysphoria Mix)
Sweet Home Under White Clouds

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


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