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Chaos/order is an electronic music project born in rome in 1995. the members andrea capanna, riccardo chiaretti, tiberio d’aquino are mainly musicians, djs and producers with a strong interest in a wide range of other arts.

Influenced by throbbing gristle, coil and early einsturzende neubauten they start playing industrial music with metallic objects and synthesizers (triple point cell, the horror summer sessions). browsing through the season of the first illegal rave parties, they synthesize an eclectic manifesto of that mood (order/chaos) mixed with a more apocalyptic/industrial attitude.

Deep into computers and production tool they subsequently produce music for dancefloors (the monroe transfer, replica) influenced by psytrance and EBM, and explore a plethora of different solutions through their side-projects acrobat, kunt, mouth of indifference.

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