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Roman legendary electro act Chaos/Order strikes back with the third and final step in the trilogy of the colours. ‘Significance Of Blood’ (aka the red album) closes the circle started in the year 2000 with the furious breakcore/trancey industrial blend of ‘order/chaos’ (the black chapter), followed in the year 2004 by the soft white psy-ebm-trance of ‘the monroe transfer’. This final red chapter is ‘a farewell to the world of living, a journey through the deepest dreams of eternity’.

Technically it is a new breed made out of tribal techno trance with many progressive and obscured EBM overtones, investigating the darker side of the human being. Blood, faith, technology. Groovier than ever, the red album terminates a journey started 10 years ago and at the same time it is opening a brand new cycle of life. The disc is also featuring a stunning bonus cover track of SKINNY PUPPY’s process-era ‘CANDLE’, an obscure electro masterpiece totally re-arranged to fit the mood of the red album. Enjoy Significance of Blood! similarities : X-Dream, This Morn’Omina, The Delta, Clock DVA, Midimiliz.

1. Footsteps
2. Dynamic darkmoor
3. Omega woman
4. Mover
5. Groove boyz
6. Pazzaglini receiver
7. The ultimate hack
8. Last generation in flesh
9. Candle
(Bonus Track- Skinny Puppy cover)


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