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Once upon a time there were a monkey, living in the outer space, and a boy, living on the earth. The monkey had a dream, the boy had a dream too. They both wanted to play electro music, and they wanted to do it in a completely different way. After a few intergalactic chats they decided to meet, but the monkey needed a place to stay while being on earth. So the boy offered his head…and the story began. They became Dgtlmonkey and started playing an electro-dance music never heard before, with different and totally unexpected contaminations.“The land of dirty beats and bananas”, his first album produced by Fu.Nch in 2010, shocked the club audience. This work obtained a lot of good reviews by specialized websites and major magazines like Raveline and is still supported by many Djs all around the world. Then several live shows melted and pleasured together the audience from different musical background in a compact dance-room. Dgtlmonkey worked on official remixes for Stereoliez, Le Rose, Eater, Ryko the Drummaker, Arsenic Cherry, DSynth and Glitterball, and his album “The land of dirty beats and bananas” has been remixed by some of the best electro and techno italian producers. 2012 is the year of Dgtlmonkey: the new album is ready, and it’s going to be out on spring and now he is the new resident dj of the monthly electro party at Click club – Kunsthaus 54 in Berlin. We don’t know what him and his monkey are going to bring us, but one thing is sure: the monkey is still in his head and they’re going to surprise their public and to re-write club music rules… once again.

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