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Dgtlmonkey is back from “The land of dirty beats and bananas” with his brand new album “Da Monkey Club, a “milestone” for the electro panorama in nowadays club music. His refined melodies, sophisticated and unconventional sounds chase each other, get mixed, condensed in 13 tracks that are a kind of musical frames in the history of electronic music. Listening “Da Monkey Cub” gives you the idea of a complete time travel divided in different stages where the electronic music, from the 90’s to the present, is completely revised and almost rewritten, infected with the most diverse contaminations that built the musical background of the artist.

The journey begins with “Opening Act”, which surprises and upsets with its break rhythms, like “Rise my peopole”, definitely the crown jewel of the album:  the voice of  Hanin Elias (ex-Atari Teenage Riot) , who is also the author of the lyrics, drags into a vortex that leaves with bated breath and literally brings the emergence and resurgence of the most captivating break beat. Electro style is perfectly represented in “Rubber & Chains”, “Like a Machine”and “Commit your sin”, the natural evolution of the “Dgtlmonkey style”, that ruled in the debut album, much appreciated by the public and international critique. The trip comes to more techno sound with “Master Oizo”, a brilliant and sick tribute to Mr. Oizo (who would surely comment with a nice “mon Dieu!”), suddenly it gets to unexpected funky house and disco reworking with “Disfunktion”, “Preso bene (feeling good)” and “Jesus on the cube”, and to the atmosphere with a trance flavour of “trance-ition” and “Chorea minor”. Finally the experiment becomes more extreme with “KMKL”, the most unusual and “out of genre” track of the entire work, spiced with the voice of Ange Leena, and “Sunshine” that completes the album between acoustic guitars and technodream melodies. Whether or not fans of the genre, crossing the threshold of the Monkey Club is a must, once inside, you could never go.

01 - Opening act
02 - Rubber & chains
03 - Like a machine
04 - Master Oizo
05 - Rise my people (feat. Hanin Elias)
06 - Preso bene (Feeling good)
07 - Disfunktion
08 - Jesus on the cube
09 - Trance-Ition
10 - Commit your sin
11 - Chorea Minor
12 - KMKL (feat. Ange Leena)
13 - Sunshine


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