Morgue Ensemble – Black Scenario Vol.1 – Limited Colored vinyl (PREORDER OUT ON 15 JANUARY 2022)


Limited Transparent Red Blood Marble Vinyl Plus Insert 299 Copies Only 

Sold By: Rustblade

The solo project of Simone Salvatori from the popular band SPIRITUAL FRONT.
The Music on Black Scenario Vol. 1 is a hypnotic, Symphonic dark ambient
whose vibe steers clear of stuffiness, excessive heaviness, turpitude, and

A slow descent into the Abyss, where Morgue Ensemble Awaits with an
intricately crafted collection of sounds (and sights) from the undertaker's

A romantic and Horror journey reminiscent the Electronic Sound of
Tangerine Dreams, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi 2ad rhythmic industrial
touches in the vein of Lustmord, Zoviet France, and Coil.

Limited Transparent Red Marble Vinyl Plus Insert 299 Copies Only