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Limited Box (150 Copies) contains : CD, + One pin + Postcard + Sticker + Free 3″CD with Unreleased track / Video track

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After the undisputed and appreciated success of RANDOME, the new and long awaited album by :BAHNTIER// is released. It continues its sonic path managing skillfully to blend the industrial/electro sounds of Skinny Puppy and Velvet Acid Christ, without forgetting the experimentation and abrasive power of Ant-zen/Hands tradition.

Revulsive is a sensational album and features Frightening, traumatic, crazy atmospheres, distorted voices and very powerful beats. 11 Tracks of pure paranoid in a concept about mental diseases and madness that, thanks to the help of a great production and a massive dose of psychotic rage constitutes one of the most important and original electronic/industrial releases of this year. Another colossus to add to the world-wide industrial scene. Absolutely not to be missed!!!

01. Cramp
02. Type-1
03. Fast Corrosion
04. Immanent
05. Entrapvoices
06. State of Gray
07. Bandage
08. Inauguration of Doom
09. Pigleg
10. Scratched Back
11. Inscrutable

01. Elemental
Revulsive (Video Trailer)
Revulsive ( Studio Images)


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