We Are Deaf Limited Box

Detune-X, Xotox


LIMITED BOX EDITION : limited edition box ( 199 copies )
with CD, POSTCARD, 2 STIKERS,  Bonus CD ( with new tracks and Remixes
from Geistform and Sandblasting ) and Starlight Bracelet.

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Andreas Davids and Stefano Rossello are two of the most important figures in the new electro-industrial global panorama; composers, producers, and dj's that for years have been hitting us over the head with their harsh audio assaults.

With "We Are Deaf" they come together to construct an album of high quality and strength without compromise. Pure rhythmic noise and full-steam-ahead distorted bass drums battle together to attack us with a devastatingly powerful sonic impact, forcing our bodies into movement and testing the limits of our eardrums. Included in the album is an unexpected 10 minute jam session divided into two parts, rhythmic and then pure noise. A release aimed at alternative dance floors across the globe and rhythmic noise junkies alike... not to be missed!

01. grenouille mechanique
02. toolsuck
03. please don't encourage me anymore
04. my beautiful doll
05. toolsuck
06. grenouille mechanique
07. my beautiful doll
08. please don't encourage me anymore
09. D.I.F. part1
10. D.I.F. part2

1. D.I.F  (GEISTFORM Remix)
2. Grenouille Mechanique (SANDBLASTING Remix)
3. When I Open My Flesh


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