Bipolar – Box Set

Cervello Elettronico


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2CD plus, POSTCARD and a STUD

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Bipolar is Rustblade's exclusive box release, which includes all 14 tracks from Process of Elimination plus an additional disc featuring remixes by P.A.L, Geistform, Detune-X, Xotox, Sandblasting and many more artists. Each interpretation of material from all of Cervello Elettronico's history takes you through a diverse and intriguing path Rare unreleased songs such as "Stolen Memories" and "Killer Instinct" are given new light by Noorglo and Xotox respectively. Also included are original alternate versions of "Demonize" and "Crystal Lines", both songs from Process of Elimination.The box releases also contains a post card and a stud.


1. Process of Elimination
2. Stimulant
3. Player
4. Violent Skin
5. Crystal Lines
6. Polarity
7. Septic Shock
8. Demonize
9. Reanimate
10. Set on Fire
11. Automation and Dissent
12. Dead Time
13. Automation and Dissent ( Zeller remix )
14. Polarity ( Aesthetic Perfection remix )


1. Septic Shock (Remixed by Sleep Clinic)
2. Automation and Dissent (Remixed by Detune-X)
3. Automation and Dissent (Remixed by Liquid Mercury)
4. Violent Skin (Remixed by Wuornos Aileen)
5. Process of Elimination (Remixed by Fractured Transmission)
6. Process of Elimination (Remixed by Geistform)
7. Set on Fire (Remixed by Chaos/Order)
8. Stolen Memories (Remixed by Noorglo)
9. Septic Shock (Remixed by SANdBLASTING)
10. Septic Shock (Remixed by Replogen)
11. Asphyxiate (Remixed by P.A.L)
12. Killer Instinct (Remixed by xotox)
13. Demonize (Tribal Anima Mix)
14. Crystal Lines (Astoria Mix)


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