DellaMorte DellAmore (Cemetery Man) Soundtrack Purple Vinyl

Manuel De sica


Limited Purple Vinyl 499 Copies Plus Gatefold Poster

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The original motion picture soundtrack for the 1994 Michele Soavi cult horror film, Dellamorte Dellamore (aka Cemetery Man) composed & performed by Manuel De Sica. The film was based on a 1991 novel by Tiziano Sclavi. Sclavi is also the author of the comic Dylan Dog.

De Sica nails the tone of the film, allowing the music to somehow walk the line of sinister and mundane without coming off as forced.
Dark atmospheres with electronic grooves and dark jazz tapestries.

Limited Purple Vinyl Plus Gatefold poster with Comics drawings by Simona Simone

Tracking List
Side A
01 - Dellamorte Dellamore
02 - Buffalora's Cemetery
03 - The First She
04 - The Making Of The Skull
05 - Will I See Her Again
06 - The Ossuary
07 - Ignis Fatuus
08 - After The Fly
09 - Gnaghi
10 - The Moon On The Island Of Death
11 - Ressurrecturis

Side B
01 - The Run Of The Death Motorbike
02 - Small Living Dead
03 - Before The Eartquake
04 - The Death That Lives
05 - Shoot The Living
06 - The Life That Dies
07 - Stolen Murders
08 - The Death Is A Whore
09 - The Rest Of The World Doesn’t Exist
10 - Dellamorte Dellamore Finale


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