Merzbow – Lop Lop Limited Deluxe Set



Ultra Limited Set of just 99 hand numbered copies includes: 3 CDs, Exclusive T-Shirt + Postcard + Sticker + Engraved Metal Plate + Pendant + Exclusive Art Print with Frame + Certificate of Authenticity

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There is no need to argue: Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. Akita began to bring about his own brand of noise music in 1979, and since then been constantly changing the very foundation his sound is built on. His music is an interpretation of very complex ideologies imbued with a violently non-traditional, but ultimately transparent sense of beauty. On Lop Lop Merzbow takes a step in a new direction from his recent releases and focuses on manipulating sounds and harsh beats in a way meant to make a new mark on the face of his well known style. The synths and guitars scream and sing in a way which allows them to be heard through all the oppressive noise, often returning to ferocious power electronics sounds which clearly define the anger of this new release.

1) Canaanda
2) My voice at the pace of drifting clouds
3) EQ

1) Madoromi
2) Sujata & Asoka
3) 2 Guitars

1) Hakutouwashi


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