Rarities & Demos – Deluxe Vinyl – 2LP

Black Sabbath


Limited Gatefold Deluxe Double Vinyl with POP UP & special Postcard with Certificate

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2 LPs that contain the first Black Sabbath singles with alternative versions and outtakes, contained in an exclusive edition. The cover features an embossed frame, with a removable image of the bat, below which is a photo of the band. Edition enhanced by the numbering certificate. GATEFOLD WITH POP-UP

LP 1 - Black Sabbath (s.t.)
1 The Rebel
2 When I come down
3 Black Sabbath
4 The Wizard
5 Evil Woman
6 Early one morning
7 Behind the wall of sleep
8 N.I.B
9 Wicked World

LP 2 - The Last Judgemant
1 Evil Woman
2 Wicked World
3 Black Sabbath
4 Let Me Love You Baby
5 Blue Blooded Man
6 N.I.B. (Alternative Mix)
7 Behind the wall of sleep (outtakes)
8 Warning (pt.1 outtakes)
9 Sleeping Village (intro alternative mix)


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