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COLORED LP + CD + POSTER + Bonus CD + 12″x12″ Bahntier Wooden Ouija board (woodburn branded) + Incenses + Black Bag

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The return of one of the most appreciated bands of the European post industrial underground, :Bahntier// are back with The Age Of Discord, the new album characterized by a bombastic sound both fresh and classic at the same time, with tracks effortlessly swimming between harsh distorted industrial, post-wave electro, ritual noise and more.

Stefano Rossello (:Bahntier//’s founder, Detune-X, Ketvector) provides a voice fraught with disturbing overtones and dark experimentations, Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy / kETvECTOR / Askew) and Filippo Corradin (The Lingams and Yoni) provide a foundation of acoustic and electronic tribal rhythms with scathing modular synth tapestries. :Bahntier// always surprises fans and this release is no exception, offering a sonic concept that’s sure to make it’s mark. Amazing reviews on Alternative press

This is The Age Of Discord, and this is the unique sound of :Bahntier//!


1)  ANMN
2)  Final Wall
3)  Never Forget
4)  In Each His Falling
5)  Age Of Discord
6)  Selfless Toy
7)  I Don’t Know
8)  Sound Of The Bells
9)  This Mind
10)  Outside Burning

Bonus CD

1) Golden Worm


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