Dread Ultra Limited Deluxe Box



Ultra Limited Deluxe Box Only 33 copies!!

Contains :  2CD,  Bonus CD,  Tshirt,  Sticker, Postcard, Meathooks

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Inspired by Clive Barker’s “Dread”, Luca Torasso composes and produces his newest work, and it’s his most violent in terms of sound and content to date. The concept of the album is to analyze fear in all it’s psychological forms and manifestations. It’s an unstoppable voyage into a downward spiral of anguish with no chance of escape, made up of countless audio frequencies and finely honed layers of noise, distortion and acute feedback supported by extreme tribal technoid rhythms… all classic components of SANdBLASTING’s unique style and well known to the initiated… and all pushed to the very extreme.

In this new work nothing was left to chance. It represents three years of intense studio work spent researching and creating unique sounds from the various modular analog synths in the SANdBLASTING collection. This album isn’t just inspired by fear, it actually physically creates it through the use of a literal wall of frequencies that hit your body and mind like an out of control freight train.

Along with the release comes a bonus CD with a series of remixes called “DREMIXAD” by international artists such as Ambassador 21, Asche, Cervello Elettronico, Geistform and Monolith, to name a few. Mastering By Eric Van Wonterghem ( Monolith, Insekt, ABC ) at Prodam Production Studios.

Ultra Limited Deluxe Box Only 33 copies!!


Disc 1:

    1. Buried Instincts
    2. Bigots
    3. Dread
    4. Warfare
    5. Weber's Theory
    6. Battle Royale
    7. Puppets
    8. Brainwashers
    9. Pussyman
    10. Deus

Disc 2:

    1. Weber's Theory ( Geistform rmx )
    2. Brainwashers ( Factory Slave remix by Cervello Elettronico )
    3. Dread 1.0 ( Remix by Lo Dev Alm )
    4. Puppetz ( velvet -violence- remix by Asche )
    5. Dread ( Monolith rmx )
    6. Brainwashers( Exorcises my ass remix by A034 )
    7. Bigots ( A21 rmx )
    8. Battle Royale ( Day After rmx by Criminal Asylum )
    9. Battle Royale ( Vacuum rmx by Wuornos Aileen )
    10. Battle Royale ( Ritualcore Treatment remix by Hyena )
    11. Brainwashers ( Evil Fury Remix by Infernal Noise )
    12. Dread 2.0 ( Remix by Lo Dev Alm )
Disc 3 :
Unreleased Noise Jam session SANDBLASTING vs DETUNE-X 45 minutes!


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