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Edward Ka-Spel


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Edward Ka-spel, best known as lead singer, musician, and co-founder of The Legendary Pink Dots presents his newest work Ghost Logik. The disc represents a voyage into the most hidden recesses of the subconscious mind and flows with the dream-like quality unique to Ka-spel and his work. The atmospheres of the songs range from vast ambient spoken word spaces to enduring psychedelic ballads where the warmth of Ka-spel's voice moves with us in solitary, dilated harmony. Meandering throughout the tracks of this eclectic opera is the sense of a conceptual overlay, tied to images of abandoned abodes and ancient spirits. An epic return and one of the most cohesive albums this artist has composed in recent years. Ghost Logik Close your eyes and listen... "Nothing logical there.  A lost soul or a missing moment, derailed from the timeline, bleeding on the road as the headlights illuminate and make an arc around it.That which cannot be explained must be avoided for it is an aberration; a grain of sand on the sad eye of the good Lord above. Only that which can be held in these reliable hands is permitted here. So stop moaning. It keeps me awake and when I'm tired I see things which are not there. Just wish it wasn't so cold in here. It's July for Christ's sake yet this room feels like a freezer. ghost logik. Nothing logical there. I'm repeating myself like that missing moment, like that lost soul. Trapped in a loop, mocking time itself, mocking all we are, everything we value, everything we believe in. Do you believe in ghosts? hell yeah.... BOOOOO" Edward Ka-spel

  1. Ticket
  2. Throwing Things
  3. So What?
  4. The Voyeur
  5. Favourite things parts 1-3
  6. The bunker
  7. Brighton Line
  8. Bye Bye


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