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After the triumphant concert held at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Lipsia, Bahntier comes back with his third album. This time the eclectic Stefano Rossello, in addition to his inseparable companion Filippo Corradin, is accompanied by JUSTIN BENNETT directly from SKINNY PUPPY, who has worked hard to leave an indelible mark with his drumming virtuosity and violent percussions.

The album is characterized by a suffering atmosphere marked by extreme, compact tracks and surely its technical and artistic level is very high. Distorted vocals ranging from hard industrial sounds to great piano compositions, extremely fast noise rhythms and real electro hard hits not heard in a long time.

Produced by Stefano Rossello with Justin Bennett. Mastered by European industrial electronic music mastermind ERIK VAN WONTERGHEM (INSEKT, SONAR, MONOLITH, KLINIK). Defined by the critics as one of the records of this year, it puts Bahntier among the cult groups of the new international electronic scene.


1. Dsimulation
2. Hiding face
3. Worried Words
4. Panic Flame
5. Fractal Desire V.2
6. Stainless
8. Nucleus
9. Phagocyte/Oblivion
10. Underworlds


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