E i Vermi Ameranno La Mia Carne – CD


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CONDANNA is an original experiment through alchemical audio activities characterized by an obsessive and introspective research of sound. 50 minutes to discover the circular subconscious, the dark soul, there finding a deep penetration in the wound of silence: this is “....e i vermi ameranno la mia carne”, the CONDANNA debut cd.

Everything has been programmed with an old "Roland" sequencer and all sounds come from synths and samplers, without additional pc editing or mastering. This first work is an attempt to create a personal manifesto able to transmit a complete lack of expression. A coma of the soul, a coma of the soul born from a hidden anger in the flesh, existential bruising eternally present. In 2005 the live performance began, outlined by a sound complex and eclectic; at the heart of the live performance is a component of improvisation with the use of instruments that allow CONDANNA to interact with his state of mind and his instinct at the same time, creating a greater sense of truth to the sounds played live. From these live experiments some of the recorded material in this new release emerged.

1. Invito
2. Taglio
3. Anatomia del caso, l' arte è morte
4. Segnare dove cadere
5. Epitalamo
6. E i vermi ameranno la mia carne
7. umaNO


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