Schlagstrom Vol.2 – CD

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Last year for its 3rd "birthday" the Schlagstrom Berlin organization releases a double Cd compilation (with big name of the industrial scene on it) on 1.000 copies, sold out in very few mounths!.

This year the Schlagstrom for its 4th "birthday" will releases a new double Cd compilation available from August the 17th at the door of the "two days of Schlagstrom!" and in world-wide sell from the end of August. A new double copilation 100% pure noise, electro, industrial with SONAR, P.A.L., DETUNE-X, INSEKT, ADAM-X, HECATE, PROYECTO MIRAGE, :BAHNTIER//, Mono No Aware, Sandblasting and many other...

Like the first one, "Krrrbrrrtztzkrrr 02" is a must for all the industrial and electro sound lovers.

CD 1
1. 1979 "Stromschlag"
2. Dazzling Malicious "Hell,whores high heels componist"
3. Proyecto Mirage "Catecismo Electrico"
4. "Medicine"
5. Empusae "Nilfheim" (godlike)
6. Sonar "Chrome Intruder"
7. Insekt "Where is the party?"
8. P.A.L. "Agentenfister" (fist faster rmx)
9.  Muckrackers "Monoton" (abrasiv blast mix)
10. Monokrom "1610"
11. Mono No Aware "Minikui Ni Natta mit Chor"

CD 2
1. Hybryds "Ulunda"
2. Bahntier "Dispute wormix"
3. Detune-X "Erosion2"
4. Adam X "Tooth&Nail"
5. Norm "Jog"
6. Yann Keller vs Hecate "Freeimprovisation"
7. SCReeningIPT "Shooting lips Invation" (remix)
8. Desdemona "Garage minimal"
9. Sandblasting "Breaking Rules" (2007update) [ listen ]
10. Mezire "Corrosion Effects" (Oxidation Mix)


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