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In April of 2002 Stefano Rossello met Simon Balestrazzi, leader of the historical Italian band T.A.C. and ex member of the Kirlian Camera project. Simon decided to work on the production of the first Bahntier release, which was recorded at the NeuroHabitat studios in Cagliari (the same studio where Balestrazzi was producing his new T.A.C. release and the release of TH26).

In 2003 Bahntier released on Karnak (an electro/industrial sublabel of E.N.D.E.) the album “Randome”. Consisting of 13 tracks, the sound of the project had progressed to a mix of powernoise and industrial with aggressive vocals reminiscent of bands like Klinik, Throbbing Gristle, Skinny Puppy.

01. Holes
02. Candyman
03. Junior
04. Lost
05. Surface A
06. Past Motion Effect
07. Propain
08. Chemical Zoo
09. A gram of
10. Without Shape
11. Mush
12. SlaughterHouse
13. Last Chapter


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