Edward Ka-Spel & Motion Kapture – Anagramma – CD

Edward Ka-Spel, Motion Kapture


Special Digipack 4 pages

Sold By: Rustblade

This Is second Album of Edward Ka-spel with Motion Kapture.
Psychedelic electronic music with ambient elements and old synthetizer sounds with the great voice of Edward Ka-spel (legendary pink dots).

A conceptual Voyage through Space Kraut rock and meditative ambient atmospheres in extended visionary ballads For sure one the best album of The Year .

  1. Byus
  2. The Devil's Night
  3. Busy B
  4. Following The Pieces
  5. The Nearly Man
  6. Free Tomorw
  7. Silas
  8. Toward Omega
  9. Coming Up for Air