Claudio Simonetti – Opera Soundtrack 30th Anniversary CD

Claudio Simonetti


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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film, Rustblade is releasing the definitive edition of the soundtrack to Dario Argento's cult film Opera.

Argento's long-time collaborator Claudio Simonetti combines classic operatic atmospheres with dark electronic grooves and violently smashing rock.

Never was Argento more closely involved in the structuring of one of his film's soundtracks. Includes 3 never before released bonus tracks. Not to be missed! Special Digipack Release

1. Opera
2. Crows
3. Impending Danger
4. Steel Grave - Steel Grave *
5. Confusion
6. The Mask
7. Knight of the Night - Steel Grave *
8. The Cinema Show
9. Cosmo
10. Confusion (Reprise)
11. Crows - Simonetti Horror Project Version 1990
12. Days of Confiusion - Simonetti Horror Project Version II 1991
13. The Mask - Claudio Simonetti Remix
14. Confusion - Simulakrum Lab Remix **
15. Impending Danger - Stefano Rossello Remix ***
16. Opera - Original Demo Played on Piano
17. Confusion - Original Demo Played on Piano
18. Opera - Live at Prog West Festival (Los Angeles) 2002


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